NSTA Virtual Conference: NGSS Practices in Action

In March, almost 600 educators nationwide took part in a day-long virtual conference where they learned practical strategies for integrating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their classrooms.

This web-based professional learning opportunity features interactive sessions on modeling, explanation and argumentation, and engineering, plus breakout sessions by grade level and discipline.

Learn more about the NGSS Practices in Action Presenters, agenda and discussion forum.

Here is what our teachers told us about the NGSS Virtual Conference--

  • "I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear and read about what is going on with NGSS across the country and how we all have similar goals and apprehensions regarding the changes in classroom instruction. It also reinforced many things that I already do in my classroom so it served as an energizer for me as well."
  • "The depth of knowledge/breadth of experiences that the presenters had and were able to share was amazing."
  • "I enjoyed listening to a panel who truly are experts in education and passionate about what they do."

For more information contact webseminars@nsta.org

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