Sites, Solutions, Success

SciGuides are valuable classroom resources for science teachers interested in integrating the web into their teaching. Each guide consists of:

  • customized lesson plans using selected web resources and science simulations
  • teacher media vignettes and sample of students’ work describing the lessons
  • approximately 100 standards-aligned web-accessible resources

Recently a third party evaluator administered an online survey gathering feedback from existing SciGuide users. The majority of those surveyed said that:

  • SciGuides are easy to navigate, well organized, and present up-to-date information.
  • SciGuides resources are more valuable than those available through basic Internet searches.
  • SciGuides aided them in the instructional planning process and were accessed for the express purpose of helping them improve their science instruction.

Because the resources are vetted by master educators and content experts, teachers can use these resources with confidence and save valuable time usually wasted on reviewing inappropriate sites.

Specialists use eight rubrics to evaluate each web resource. These rubrics were created to evaluate a specific educational component with respect to the web content selected for a SciGuide. Those rubrics are:

  • Authority
  • Design
  • Interactivity
  • Communication/Collaboration
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • How Scientist Work/Nature of Scientific Inquiry
  • Quality of Writing
  • Resource Integration

Within each SciGuide, the web resources are assembled in a thematic structure with custom-developed lesson plans, reflective teacher-generated vignettes, and authentic samples of student work that demonstrate how the resources may be effectively utilized in the classroom. SciGuides save teachers valuable time by presenting a targeted list of grade-appropriate, standards-aligned web-based content for use in their classroom.