You Deserve the Credit!

SciPacks are 10 hour online learning experiences that you can use to help you better understand the content you teach. SciPacks are aligned with the national science education standards. Each SciPack contains:

  • Up to five self-paced interactive online learning experiences called Science Objects that use an inquiry-based approach with engaging simulations and embedded questions.
  • An email content Mentor to address your individual questions; these knowledgeable content experts respond via email within 48 hours.
  • A pedagogical component to assist you in translating the content for your classroom.
  • The opportunity to pass a final assessment and print a certificate from NSTA demonstrating your understanding of the content addressed within the SciPack. The certificate can be found in the "My PD Record and Certificates" tool page.

Teachers are encouraged to seek approval in advance from their district for continuing education credits that may be ascribed for passing the final assessment. NSTA is establishing relationships with the department of education in states across the U.S. to formalize the recertification value for completing a SciPack, or series of SciPacks.

The FAQs on SciPacks

  • What do SciPacks cover? Each SciPack focuses on a set of key content ideas—such as Force and Motion or Plate Tectonics. There are 25 SciPacks available today.
  • How will SciPacks help me learn? In the Science Objects you will find Interactive simulations to get you engaged and embedded questions to make sure you understand and remember the content. The style and tone are lively—even entertaining.
  • How will SciPacks help me teach? SciPacks challenge you to explore and explain real-world phenomena, and offer student misconceptions to watch out for and practical ideas for addressing them.
  • How much time will it take me to work through a SciPack? You will spend up to ten hours, at your convenience. You can start and stop at any point.
  • Once I successfully complete a SciPack, where do I find the certficate? The certificate can be found in the "My Learning Plan" tool page.