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Flight of the Monarch Butterflies

This half-day symposium took place at the Arizona Science Center on December 7, 2012 as part of NSTA’s Area Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. During the symposium, participants learned about the migration and life cycles of Monarch butterflies. First, they watched Flight of the Butterflies, a new IMAX film that tells the story of the researchers and citizen scientists who first charted the migration path of the Monarchs from the United States and Canada to Mexico. Presenters De Cansler and Ann Hobbie from the Monarchs in the Classroom lab at the University of Minnesota led symposium participants in hands-on observations of live butterflies in all four stages of life—egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Ms. Cansler and Ms. Hobbie introduced participants to the Monarchs in the Classroom curriculum guide and demonstrated an activity that teaches about the role of insects within the animal kingdom.

Each participant received a $75 stipend for attendance. Participating educators also received materials to use in their classrooms, including the Monarchs in the Classroom curriculum guide.

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