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The Solar System
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Energy: Thermal Energy, Heat and Temperature

by Yoli Gonzales (Boise, ID)
Informative, easy to understand, lots of great practical examples, simulations and explanations. I would recommend it for any teacher who would like to understand how molecules respond under various temperatures and heat and how energy is transferred from one ...

NSTA Virtual Conference Archive: Exploring Three-Dimensional Instruction, February 11, 2017

The "three dimensions," as envisioned in A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), are transform science education at every level. Join NSTA for a virtual conference that explores the instructional shifts and what they mean for your classroom.

This four-hour experience opens with a general exploration of three-dimensional teaching and learning—including an overview of the NGSS and its architecture, as well as an introduction to the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts. Participants then have the opportunity to join self-selected breakout sessions by grade and discipline (elementary, secondary life science, secondary physical science, secondary Earth and space science). The last session again offers participants a choice between two discussions—teachers sharing their classroom implementation journeys or administrators explaining how they have supported their teachers on those journeys.

Whether your state has formally adopted the NGSS or has adopted similar three-dimensional standards, this virtual conference offers a strong foundation on which to build your implementation efforts.

Visit the conference details page for more information about this virtual conference, its presenters, and the agenda .

Journal Article
Research and Teaching: Construction Ahead: Evaluating Deployment Methods for Categorization Tasks as Precursors to Lecture

By: Anne Marie A. Casper, Jacob M. Woodbury, William B. Davis, Erika G. Offerdahl
Journal of College Science Teaching

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Page Keeley @CTSKeeley
When using w HS chem students, the idea that energy is released when bonds are broken seemed to stem from something…

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Student science notebooks and journals! Let' talk about their use in the classroom! #NSTAchat Thursday - May 23 -…

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Jeff Remington @Sci_Rem
Thought leaders take on science education’s leadership-level challenges in new #NSTA book

Ms. Rubin, M.A.T.  @MsRubinChats
Any self respecting woman or #Medical professional should protest stupidity by moving out of #Alabama or #Missouri.…

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@NGSS_tweeps NSTA learning center and conferences #NSTA

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Whey protein - explore the evidence behind the claims on our upcoming #NSTA lunchtime webinar with Prof…

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More about #scied & #STEMed breakout games in this #NSTA Reports story:

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STEM in action at Newman S.T.A.R.S. at Esperanza Charter. Students teaching students always the best learning.…

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How can you use images of inventions to help students develop critical thinking and analysis skills? Today's blog p…

Jennifer Williams @ScienceJennifer
STEM in action at Newman S.T.A.R.S. at Esperanza Charter. Students teaching students always the best learning. #STEM @IsidoreNewman #NSTA

Carolyn Hayes @caahayes
Do you use student science journals or notebooks in your classes? Join #NSTAchat and share your successes and stru…

Explore all the Next Generation Science Standards Resources. Prepare for the 2018-19 school year and beyond! The re…

Page Keeley @CTSKeeley
Another one of my favorite probes to find out whether students use a particle model to explain the phenomenon of a…