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June 18, 2019


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Eureka, Again! K–2 Science Activities and Stories (e-book)
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Great project

by Susan German (Hallsville, MO)
The project has students developing research questions using the information they have learned in previous activities. While I wonder about the conceptual level for the age of students, I could see where this is truly high level, high engagement project.

Archive: NSTA Science Update: Marine Debris and Microplastics in our Oceans, May 15, 2019

Marine debris and microplastics are commonly found along beaches and in the ocean.  The impact of these plastics are economic as well as ecological and need to be addressed.  In this web seminar we covered the overarching problems, some specific effects and strategies that educators can use in classrooms for prevention.

All participants received a certificate of participation and 100 Learning Center activity points for attending and completing the post-program evaluation.

Journal Article
Research and Teaching: Developing a Tiered Mentoring Model for Teaching Assistants Instructing Course-Based Research Experiences

By: Magdalene K. Moy, Penny L. Hammrich, Karen Kabnick
Journal of College Science Teaching

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Thought leaders take on science education’s leadership-level challenges in new #NSTA book

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Any self respecting woman or #Medical professional should protest stupidity by moving out of #Alabama or #Missouri.…

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Jennifer Williams @ScienceJennifer
STEM in action at Newman S.T.A.R.S. at Esperanza Charter. Students teaching students always the best learning. #STEM @IsidoreNewman #NSTA

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