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Electric and Magnetic Forces

by James Johnson (Custer City, PA)
Always love these step-by-step and interactive exercises reinforcing the academic standards!

NSTA Virtual Conference Archive: Shifting to Integrated STEM: Experiences of Three School Districts, November 7, 2015

On November 7, 2015, over 260 educators nationwide took part in this 4-hour virtual conference. As part of the program, participants learned about three case studies in K-12 STEM Integration from which common goals and practices emerged that informed their work in STEM implementation.

The three case studies (New York, Oregon, and Florida) offered a thought-provoking vision of what “getting to scale with integrated STEM” could look like if we take their lessons to heart and find ways of communicating and collaborating across state boundaries, school subjects, political philosophies, and other barriers to change.

Visit the conference details page for more information about this virtual conference, its presenters, and the agenda .

Journal Article
Career of the Month: Ecologist

By: Luba Vangelova
The Science Teacher

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Top story: @caahayes: 'Join us Thursday -May 23 - 9PM - ET. #NSTAchat - Student Science Notebooks & Journals.…

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#edu news via @EdDiveK12 | Unlearning is often a part of effective teaching #NSTA

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For all science teachers. #NGSS #NSTA #NSTA19

Explore all the Next Generation Science Standards Resources. Prepare for the 2018-19 school year and beyond! The re…

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I don't know why... but this image, the not only scares me, it looks so unAmerican. Anyone else feel th…

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Join us Thursday -May 23 - 9PM - ET. #NSTAchat - Student Science Notebooks & Journals. #NSTA @NSTA #NSTA19 #edchat…

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Topic for the next #NSTAchat ... Student science notebooks and journals! Let's talk about their use in the classroo…

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End of the year career projects, infographics! Students could choose an online website, a blank paper, or a black l…

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Who doesn't love free!!! The dogfish shark sample (#BioCorp) from #NSTA conference came today!!! can't wait to dis…

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Engineering some art bots! #ngssearlyimplementers #engineering #stemeducation #READYFOR4th #juniorscientists…

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#DYK that #NSTA has a series of #NSTAebooks+ that are specifically designed for K–5 students? These are packed with…

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NSTA members, please voice your choice by voting. #NSTA

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When using w HS chem students, the idea that energy is released when bonds are broken seemed to stem from something…

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Student science notebooks and journals! Let' talk about their use in the classroom! #NSTAchat Thursday - May 23 -…

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#nsta #sciencetwitter @realDonaldTrump @SenWarren @JoeBiden **reduce plastic production & improve waste mgmt. Our…