Shifting to the NGSS: Professional Book Study for Elementary School Teachers

Are you an elementary school teacher working to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? Register to participate in the Shifting to the NGSS: Professional Book Study, taking place in April/May, 2020!

NSTA has developed an Online Book Study around the Enhanced E-book: Discover the NGSS: Primer and Unit Planner. This enhanced e-book offers a comprehensive introduction to the NGSS, including background information, each of the three dimensions in depth, and steps to move teachers toward classroom implementation.

During the online book study, elementary school teachers attend live web seminars and participate in asynchronous discussions with other participants and with the web seminar presenters, Tricia Shelton and Jessica Holman. The web seminars support use of the Enhanced E-book to deepen participant understanding of the innovations of the NGSS. Presenters also share examples and stories from the classroom to illustrate HOW this understanding can be used to translate the NGSS into classroom teaching and learning.

Cost to individuals:

  • NSTA Member: $50
  • Non-member: $60

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Please access and bookmark to your browser the free version of the Discover the NGSS: Primer and Unit Planner - you will be using it during the 4-week book study.

Program Dates:
The four live web seminars are scheduled from 7:15 - 8:45 pm Eastern time on the dates below (all Tuesdays):

  • April 21, 28, May 5, and 12, 2020

During the book study participants have access to:

  • A moderated private forum for group discussions with other book study participants
  • Digital resources and all NSTA Learning Center online community tools (My Library, My Learning Plan, My Profile, Community Forums)
  • All archive versions of the web seminars to watch on-demand.

By the end of the book study, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate an understanding of the three-dimensions and 3D learning (instruction and assessment)
  • Begin to design NGSS lessons that work coherently within a storyline or unit of study
  • Identify phenomena that can drive student learning

Participants will receive a certificate from NSTA after each live web seminar (1.5 hours per web seminar) as evidence of their attendance and participation.

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Science Leaders Can Sponsor Groups of Elementary School Teachers

Are you a state, district, or school leader working to enhance your elementary school teachers' knowledge and understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)? Sponsor a cohort of teachers to participate in the Shifting to the NGSS: Professional Book Study for Elementary School Teachers!

Cost to districts:

Please contact Flavio Mendez via email ( or call 703-312-9250 for a quote.


  • "Hearing what other teachers had to say and their input helped me realize that it takes time, and with a little bit more practice, I can develop and grow my lessons."
  • "It was flexible, relevant, interesting and engaging. It was not a dry lecture with a brilliant philosopher speaking jargon that was undecodable. I like that although the final session is over I have enough resources to continue my personal planning."
  • "The videos and the interaction during the seminar as well as in the community forum. I enjoyed watching sample lessons and being able to save collections as resources for my personal use."
  • "This was my first web seminar. Everything was engaging!"
  • "I enjoyed learning something new, valuable, and relevant to my teaching, namely being introduced to the use of phenomena and using models."