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Journal Cover The Science Teacher

July 2017

Less than a decade ago, a National Research Council report concluded that “Engineering education is a relatively new school subject in U.S. K–12 education… and its spread into classrooms has been fairly modest.” Nowadays, engineering is everywhere. At the recent NSTA national conference in Los Angeles, dozens of sessions were devoted to engineering design, the Maker Movement, do-it-yourself student projects, and technology education. We have both the Maker Movement and the Next Generation Science Standards to thank for intensifying interest in engineering and design. Engineering is the “E” that can integrate the other STEM subjects— science, technology, and mathematics. It encourages creative problem solving and critical thinking while developing technological literacy. Why not join in?

Add to Library Editor's Corner: Engineering for the Future
The Science Teacher, Jul 17
The Science Teacher’s editor shares thoughts on the current issue.
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Add to Library Is It Engineering or Not?
The Science Teacher, Jul 17
To bring engineering tasks into the classroom, know what qualifies—and what doesn’t.
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