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Journal Cover The Science Teacher

April 2019

This issue is our 24th consecutive annual issue devoted to the theme, “Science for All.” Each year this special issue presents ideas and teaching strategies for helping all learners find success in their science classes. The primary goal is to provide instructional methods that can help narrow persistent academic achievement gaps associated with ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, physical disabilities, limited English-language proficiency, and learning differences. All students need access to rigorous, high-quality science education to prepare for the demands of work and citizenship in the modern world. But too many young people are getting an education that falls far short: youth who are disproportionately African American, Latinx, Native American, English learners, and those from low-income families.

Add to Library Genetics for All
The Science Teacher, Apr 19
This paper highlights learning supports associated with genetics lessons that were implemented in a urban high school biology classroom. The supports provided access to science content for ELs, students with IEPs, and struggling readers during an introductory unit on genetics. Due to space constraints, this paper does not include all assignments from the unit, but instead provides a sample of instructional approaches to promote success among all science students.
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