The NSTA Learning Center is Your Online Textbook

Several middle level teacher candidates in our class this fall semester passed the Praxis II Middle Level Science exam on their first attempt! They credited the NSTA SciPacks as one of the resources that contributed to their success. Also, they wholeheartedly recommended my continued use of the NSTA resources and the Learning Center as our class e-textbook for future semesters.

Nathan Carnes, Ph.D.
Associate Director Center for Teaching Excellence
University of South Carolina

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Create a truly integrated and blended learning experience for your teacher candidates with a customized interactive online textbook leveraging the NSTA Learning Center!

Professors at over 100 colleges and universities have opted to use the NSTA Learning Center (NSTA LC) as their online textbook when teaching science pre-service teachers. The NSTA LC online textbook option is a bundled product that consists of a personal NSTA LC subscription and a 1-year NSTA student membership.

How Does it Work?

As a professor you select NSTA collections for your students composed of interactive web modules, lesson activities, and video podcasts to create an engaging suite of content. You can also supplement the NSTA collections with your own, which may include NSTA resources, other resources created by you, and/or URLs from other web sites. Your students also benefit from participating in the integrated online community that is the Learning Center by sharing and rating resources and by engaging in discourse and networking with other professional educators. A system of micro-credentials (badges) and leader boards provide recognition of your students’ learning activities and professional learning tools allow them to personalize, manage, and document their work. Finally, an automated tracking system (accessible only to you) displays your students’ online activities and their learning via pre/post assessments tightly coupled to the science content.

Begin by Creating your Class Landing Page

Create your class landing page in the NSTA LC so you may “test-drive” the portal and gain free access to fee-based resources at no cost to you. This trial period allows you to determine if the NSTA Learning Center is right for you and your students to use as your class online textbook. After submitting your class landing page, an NSTA staff member will approve it and contact you to answer your questions, to share strategies for best use, and to gauge your interest in the opportunity. At your request, you may be added to a private community forum where other professors, who are using the Learning Center as their online textbook, discuss best practices and challenges. Want to know which institutions have professors using the NSTA LC as an online textbook?

What is the Cost to the Students?

There are two different price points for this bundled product. You as the professor select the price point for all your students in your class.

$99Per student cost for a 1-year NSTA LC subscription and a 1-year student membership to NSTA
$72Per student cost for a 6-month NSTA LC subscription and a 1-year student membership to NSTA

Students pay NSTA for the product online using a credit card. An option is available for students to purchase a subscription card from their university bookstore using financial aid funds, a check, or cash. If using the bookstore option, students redeem their purchase online at NSTA.