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Project-based learning in a geology classroom | Posted in Evaluation and Assessment

I am a pre-service teacher, currently student teaching in a high school geology classroom. I would like to implement more project-based learning with my students. What are some effective strategies that you have found helpful in implementing a project-based learning unit? Also, how do you incorporate collaboration and self-assessment during a project-based learning unit? Any comments or advice would be extremely helpful. Thank you! -Anna Maynard

Annastacia Maynard

Periodic Table | Posted in Physical Science

I have used a few techniques that have really helped.   One of them is Periodic Table Battleship.   This was even fun for the Chemistry students.   I also have an interactive Periodic Table that they can log in with their cellphone and pull up realistic examples of the elements.  I have also found interactive tables online.  I also have written the elements out on index cards and they have to split into groups and the first team to lay them out correctly on the floor is the winner!

Raquel Dugan-Dibble

Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science | Posted in Professional Learning

We used the book for our PLC - Middle School Science in New York in the spring. Teachers found the ideas very useful and opened possibilities for some of them, trying and implementing new strategies and forms of formative assessment. The main focus was to explore the Conceptual Change Instructional Model. The plan this year is for teachers coming to the PLC for the first time to read and explore during the year in both in-person and online sessions, and those who were in the PLC last year will deepen in the discussion of their topics of interest.

Adaliz Gonzalez

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