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Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood

This will be a great idea to do during the spring time, and maybe you can ask the school if your class can plant around the campus and make observation notebook based on how their plants are growing, and have also a visual picture drawn by them of every Friday since the day the planted the plant. This would be such an amazing for students and their reaction will be priceless.

Vanessa Rodriguez

STEM and Fairy Tales | Posted in STEM

I think that is a great way to integrate reading into STEM. Last year, my 2nd graders were learning about the five regions of Georgia. So I used a lesson plan from the Busy Librarian regarding the Fourth Little Pig. The problem was the students had to determine the best region for the 4th little pig (cousin to the Three Little Pigs). Students had to explain why they chose the region for their pig and build a house of various classroom materials (tissue paper, construction paper, clay, tape, foil, popsicle sticks, straws, etc.). The materials were priced and they could not go over their budget. One part of the room was set up with the materials called STEM Depot. The only constraint on the STEM activity was that they had to stay within their $20 budget. Afterwards, students built their houses as a group. The writing piece came in when they advertised their house via Power Point or some other multimedia. Then the Big Bad Wolf attempted to blow their house down (blow dryer). The kids loved this activity!

Wanda McRae-Jones

Weather and Elementary | Posted in Early Childhood

I really enjoyed reading all of the replies to this question. I agree with many others about taking the students outside for them to witness the daily weather themselves. I think if you talk about weather every day in your classroom then relate that to the four seasons it will help the students. Thanks for all of the advice!

Anna Jamboretz

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