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Physics Songs | Posted in Physical Science

I like your idea of having songs for science! I feel like that is a great way to get students engaged and motivated. I know hearing song in school that pertained to learning helped me remember things. I can always remember the 50 states and capital song from 4th grade. Students I think would be more eager to learn the song without really realizing they are actually learning something along the way!

Halle Moshier

NSTA National Conference in LA | Posted in Northrop Grumman Foundation Teachers Academy 2017

Hi Fellows-
We will be meeting in just two weeks! I have enjoyed reading the introductions each of you have posted as it gives me faces with names- thank you!

Attached is a short PowerPoint you can view that covers some helpful information as you get ready to travel to LA.

Please review this at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions after viewing please post them here in the forum and I will reply in a timely manner.

Warm Regards-

Wendy Binder

Guest Speakers in the Middle School Classroom | Posted in Next Generation Science Standards


I teach 7th grade life science from 8:40a-2:20p and have about 8 guest speakers a year.

I have found that most guest speakers are willing to stay all day and repeat themselves!! I usually provide them with water and lunch/snacks.

I have found that most guest speakers do not provide notes for students to take, so I ask for their PowerPoint before they come in order to create a student handout. My students are much more engaged when they have something to follow and take notes on.

Go for it! Guest speakers enrich the unit and experience!


Kimberly Tangaro

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