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Guest Speakers in the Middle School Classroom | Posted in Next Generation Science Standards

Aloha! I teach 7th grade life science from 8:40a-2:20p and have about 8 guest speakers a year. I have found that most guest speakers are willing to stay all day and repeat themselves!! I usually provide them with water and lunch/snacks. I have found that most guest speakers do not provide notes for students to take, so I ask for their PowerPoint before they come in order to create a student handout. My students are much more engaged when they have something to follow and take notes on. Go for it! Guest speakers enrich the unit and experience! Kimberly

Kimberly Tangaro

EMTA Monthly Community Updates | Posted in EMTAHOU17

Hello all,  Great news! The monthly Community Update emails can now be found within the Learning Center! To access the collection and the first update, please visit the attachment to this post. Happy teaching! Megan

Megan Doty

STEM and Fairy Tales | Posted in STEM

This is a great idea to getting STEM into the classroom. Since the idea of STEM is somewhat a new idea i'm glad this shows how easily it can be incorporated. I also like how this activity can be used with many different books or novels so as a teacher you don't have to struggle to get a specific book.

Olivia Meincke

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