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Physiology/Anatomy Project Ideas? | Posted in Life Science

Another idea is to have the students embark on a "Fantastic Voyage" based on the movie/book from the 60s. They have to "travel" through a patients body to destroy a blood clot in the patient's brain. Students can write a dramatic narrative or dialogue that incorporates factual information about body systems, they could write a computer program or animation about a voyage through the body, write a newspaper article, etc.

Eric Roth

Science in Kindergarten: What Does It Look like, Sounds like? | Posted in Early Childhood

Robin, your children might be interested in participating in a citizen science project. See SciStarter for a list of projects, some that even preschool classes can participate in.

Margaret Ashbrook

Guest Speakers in the Middle School Classroom | Posted in Next Generation Science Standards

Hi there, Form what I have gathered and having parents of my own come in and speak to classes and in the upper grade level, they nothing but love it. When members of the community have the opportunity to come in and speak to students, they enjoy every second because these are "real people" coming to talk about "Real experiences" that happen daily. As a very visual and real life learner I have found that I enjoy speakers and guest because as students we can get so caught up into the textbook and lecture life that we forget there is more out there to connect to these text books. Best of luck!

Whitnie Hutchinson

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