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Science in Kindergarten: What Does It Look like, Sounds like? | Posted in Early Childhood

Robin, your children might be interested in participating in a citizen science project. See SciStarter for a list of projects, some that even preschool classes can participate in.

Margaret Ashbrook

Physics Songs | Posted in Physical Science

I like your idea of having songs for science! I feel like that is a great way to get students engaged and motivated. I know hearing song in school that pertained to learning helped me remember things. I can always remember the 50 states and capital song from 4th grade. Students I think would be more eager to learn the song without really realizing they are actually learning something along the way!

Halle Moshier

Assigning Homework | Posted in New Teachers

I am in early childhood which can be very different from 4th and 5th. However, I personally view homework to be extremely important in all areas. The most effective methods that I have seen homework done is in large packets for the week and baggy books with comprehension questions each night. In the large packets I have seen a teacher do all reading and math or a couple pieces of the packet to be reading, a couple math and some for writing, science or social studies. I have heard of some elementary schools doing away with homework all together. However, I personally feel that homework is important to help support the involvement of the parents in their child's education and if you do away with homework that is not giving the parents the opportunity to see what their child is doing and learning.

Victoria Wilt

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