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STEM and Fairy Tales | Posted in STEM

I love this site. I am an early childhood education student, about to begin my senior year/student teaching. Every year on campus we try to host a fall STEM Day and a spring STEM Day for an area elementary school. a couple of years ago we designed one of the STEM nights around the theme "Girls Just Wanna Have STEM". This would be a great girls night STEM idea to try this year. Thanks for the post!

Nichole Shady

Science Trips | Posted in Informal Science

Hello, in elementary students can have a field trip around the school if there is a garden, or just to look at some forms of life. Sometimes field trips can be expensive, but try seeing if you can visit the greenhouse or museum at the local college/university. You can also tour their lab facilities which will really fascinate the students! In Florida, there are sooo many museums. We also have the kennedy space center. Whatever state you are in, there should be planetariums or museums that would interest your students and be a great learning opportunity. If a trip can't be made to a local college, try a high school. Even to smaller children, that would be fascinating. Don't think too big, science is all around us!

Katherine Chambers

Field Trips | Posted in Elementary Science

Hi Rochelle,

Field trips can be a great way to engage students with science.  Our school asks us to include one field trip for each class.   Local museum and other educational institutions are a good place to start.  I've taken my chemistry students to a local aquarium the past two years where they have a hands-on program on water quality in the aquarium as well as a local waterway.  Biology students do a program at the natural history museum.  Environmental science students have done field studies at local parks, a waste treatment plants and composting facility.  This year we began the school year with a service project.  Students were bused to a number of location organizations, parks and institutes to do some volunteer work, but also to learn about the needs in the community.  A couple groups went to a local nature park and another to an arboretum where they both helped in planting and weeding and also learned some of the science behind maintaining a healthy ecosystem.  Think about what resources are available in your area and then make some phone calls.  

Rebecca Falin

Rebecca Falin

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