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Implementing STEM in my classroom | Posted in STEM

Hi Leslie!
I think it could be a lot of fun to implement STEM in your future Kindergarten classroom. Research states that implementing STEM at a young age can really help your students in the long run! I think providing your students with hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate would be the best way to implement STEM in your classroom. I found a link with a lot of great ideas for your Kindergartners! Kindergarten STEM Hope you find the activities useful!

Ana Gonzalez

Science Trips | Posted in Informal Science

Pam, I really like your idea of visiting a local university with students! I know from experience that children at this age look up to young adults, which provides a much greater chance for the students to listen! A great idea for them would be to visit the greenhouse (in the university has one) or, doing something even in a science class, or EL ED methods course.

Haley Wiebenga

Animals in the classroom? | Posted in Life Science

I am a student intern working at school now. When I become a teacher of record, I would like to set up a small aquaponics system in my classroom. I would need aquarium, gravels, plants, water pumps, etc. I am thinking about using Glofish that are genetically engineered, solar powered pump, and stations where students can measure pH level, Nitrate, Nitrate, Ammonia, and oxygen levels. This will help students to understand alternative farming systems and energy. This is something that I would like to plan out through this year!

Yookyung Chung

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