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Teaching Science Vocabulary | Posted in Chemistry

Hi Science Friends! Does anyone have any interactive or best practices for teaching science vocabulary?

Danielle Ryan

Teaching Science to Kindergarten in a Short Time Frame | Posted in Early Childhood

My friend had this similar problem as she is also in Kindergarten. Like everyone else, I would try to integrate the lesson as much as possible with other subject. For example, during reading you can read a book about a certain topic (plants) and then during writing, have the students write about the book. The children can describe characteristics (have, need, and give) and you can create a brace map and add on to it. 

Elizabeth Llanas

Making Musical Instruments | Posted in Informal Science

Thank you for sharing this post. I have a science unit that  I do with my preschoolers, kitchen band, which is experimenting with sounds found in the kitchen.  Never thought of using a carrot to make an instrument.  It's intriguing to notice that you can make musical instruments out of almost anything.  Thanks again for sharing.

Jessica Philipp

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