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Making Musical Instruments | Posted in Informal Science

Thank you for sharing this post. I have a science unit that  I do with my preschoolers, kitchen band, which is experimenting with sounds found in the kitchen.  Never thought of using a carrot to make an instrument.  It's intriguing to notice that you can make musical instruments out of almost anything.  Thanks again for sharing.

Jessica Philipp

Physiology/Anatomy Project Ideas? | Posted in Life Science

Thank you so much posting your documents! I don't know if you are still teaching the course, but this is a fantastic idea and your students' projects were so creative! I would like to try this as for a PBL for the Goods and Garbage unit (digestive, respiratory and urinary systems). Mahalo!

Lenore Kop

Science Trips | Posted in Informal Science

We studied habitats and what animals eat. We have a place here locally called Bear Country USA. We took a tour of the facility and then the nutritionist for the animals came and showed us how they prepare the meals for the bears and other animals. There was actually a Scholastic News article about how meals are prepared at zoos or animal sanctuaries. It was perfect timing with our field trip. If you have a local zoo or animal rescue place you can ask if you can take a field trip and talk about nutrition of animals .

Brenda Velasco

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