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Standards Based Grading in Science

Schools are tackling this in many different ways. Some are creating their own standards and rubrics, some are basing it off the common core.
Some districts are being really protective of their standards and rubrics but I know the Federal Way School District has put all of their standards online - http://www.fwps.org/cur/sbe/staff/ps/

There's also a SBG for beginners wiki. This site has mostly been contributed to by high school math teachers - http://sbgbeginners.wikispaces.com/

There are many teachers writing about their progress and process, such as

I also write a lot about it and provide resources about it at activegrade.com/blog
There's lots more out there and I'd be happy to be of help if I can.

Michal Eynon-Lynch
Michal Eynon-Lynch
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This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in assessment. These materials were prepared by John P. Sevenair, Department of Chemistry, Xavier University, and Allan R. Burkett, Division of Natural Sciences, Dillard University. These materials were placed on this web site for workshop that was presented at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Xavier University of Louisiana, October 9, 1997. http://webusers.xula.edu/jsevenai/objective/objective.html

Pamela Auburn
Pamela Auburn
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I am starting to get a feel for this type of assessment; we are moving that way in our school. I think we are going to have standards-based report cards within the next two years. However, I have the same questions. Trying to account for differentiation, IEPs and advanced students while providing many different types of assessment tools seems to be very intimidating!

Brandy Stewart
Brandy Stewart
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Michael: Thank you for those websites.

Adah Stock
Adah Stock
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Thanks, Michael. The standards-based grading reminds me a bit of the reporting that you often see at the lower elementary grades. Is this a relatively new approach to grading at the upper grades?

Patty McGinnis
Patricia McGinnis
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Thanks for tgese resources. I have been designing my own and it is onerous on the front end.

Daniel Carroll
Dan Carroll
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Patricia you bring up a good point. When I first tackled the idea of standards based grading I used narratives written by elementary teachers as a model. Then I took this good workshop in Standards Based Assessment which gave me insights on how academic accomplishment is reported. There are grading/reporting programs which can report academic accomplishment and non academic factors (behavior, attendance, etc) separately. Our school uses GradePro but I like and use Engrade exclusively. The reason why I use this is because I can upload my standards, make comments, engage students in discussions related to assignments/assessments, and my grade-book is open to students, parents, and administrators. So when it comes to reporting, I no longer have to write long narratives; the reporting I do is linked to standards and level of accomplishment. On the front end it takes time to upload learning goals but in the big picture, a grade reflects/reports level of understanding.

Mario Patino
Mario Patino
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This thread has links to resources I've been looking for for quite some time. Thanks everyone for your contributions here!

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson
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There is a very similar discussion in this forum ,” Using Science Process Skills to Determine Grades”, which is linked at http://learningcenter.nsta.org/discuss/default.aspx?tid=5UU!plus!7bLsyT4_E . The two discussions really go hand in hand. It seems one of the overarching questions is what is graded/scored and what is not? There doesn’t really seem to be a consensus amongst teachers, though there are common threads. For me, the crippling aspect is the reporting tool and how do you explain standards based grading to parents that grew up in a percentage based system. The elementary schools have been practicing standards based so much longer than we in the secondary level. Unfortunately, our colleges still need/use the traditional grading scale for placement and scholarship. It seems to me the standards and common core are coming at us quickly, but the reporting tool is lagging seriously behind. I am really curious how other teachers, departments, schools and districts are handling this. Someone, somewhere has to have a better idea than what we are currently using. I look forward to others sharing.

Sandy Gady
Sandy Gady
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