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The Early Years: Exploring Biodiversity

Hello everyone my name is Kadira Johnson and I wrote a quick review on what I thought about Peggy Ashbrook's article "The Early Years: Exploring Biodiversity." In Peggy Ashbrook's article she discusses the objectives teachers can use to teach students in pre-K to 2nd grade about diversity of plant life. I thought this article was interesting because it discusses ways in which to help kids recognize the various organisms that surround them. As Ashbrook points out that these diverse organisms include bacteria and fungi in soil, insects, grass, trees, and larger animals. She also points out that “the number of different species that live in an area is a measure of its diversity of biological life, also known as its biodiversity.” (Ashbrook) Now, while children in younger grades, such as pre-k to 2nd grade, will not understand this complex definition. However, teachers can show them through activities, such as scavenger hunts or playing outside to get children to see these diverse organisms. As they play outside children will begin to notice certain things such as tulips sprouting in a garden or other biodiversity in the area. I think this is a great way to get students involved in plant life and have the lesson be outside of the classroom as well.

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