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Bellringers that prompt discussion of cross-cutting concepts

I'm looking for a source of questions-of-the-day that I can use to prompt student discussions on cross-cutting concepts.  An example might be to show a picture of a flower and ask "What patterns do you see?" Something like Paul Hewitt's "Next Time Questions" but more about the ideas that link all the different domains of science.

Doug Adomatis
Douglas Adomatis
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Hi Douglas! I have some question stems that I use for the purpose you describe.  These stems and questions are can certainly be used to help students link core ideas, clarify thinking and understanding about core ideas, confront misconceptions about core ideas, and work to explain phenomena or develop solutions to problems.  I have uploaded them as files here and attached STEM Teaching Tools. resources that support this as well that I love  Please let me know what you think!

Tricia Shelton
Tricia Shelton
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