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Hello all! I was curious if any teachers on here have used social media (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) as tools to help students learn. I am considering creating a YouTube channel to reach students though a medium they use quite often.

Ryan Cully
Ryan Cully
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Personally, I haven’t created a YouTube channel to reach students through a different medium, however, I have used YouTube videos to support my lesson or student learning in my class. I think creating a YouTube channel in which you are providing students a different input of information, will be awesome! Especially because most students today, use YouTube to watch videos and stream. This idea will definitely engage students in their  learning and provide access to content outside of the classroom. 

Rubi Oregon
Rubi Oregon
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Hi Ryan! I am currently a Junior at the University of Northern Iowa. This is something that I have thought about quite a bit during my time as a student. I have had classes in college where my professors have used social media as a learning tool and honestly it has worked out pretty nicely. However, I think that it depends on the ages of the students that you are working with. If you were to have, say, middle school students learn on Twitter, my fear is that they would be more focused on their personal matters on twitter instead of using it as a learning tool. I think that Youtube can be a great resource for teaching, especially because it helps students to go back and review certains topics or areas and gives them a chance to listen to it more than once in case they don't understand it the first time. I think that this will also keep their attention, but it has to be kind of fun. My fear with Youtube is that it isn't interactive enough, so if you don't make your video pretty short, or you don't make it exciting, the students might lose focus on it or skip through it. I think this method can work if you do it the right way. I would definitely encourage you to try it and see how it goes with your students! :)

Payton Meyer
Payton Meyer
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Hi Ryan! I'm a UNI student and have had professors use social media as a way to help students learn. It has varied from creating group emails to share classroom notes and information to youtube videos further explaining lectures. As long as it is age appropriate, I would encourage you to do so as I found it very helpful! 

Natalie Mojica
Natalie Mojica
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Hi there! In my classroom, I do not have my own YouTube channel, but I definitely pull useful videos to use in my lessons. I use a site called EdPuzzle and it has helped me tremendously. It cuts down the prep time, there are ready made resources that I can adjust for my own needs, and most importantly, the students love it. I teach third grade, so I’ve only really explored those resources, but it takes a compilation of videos from different sites including YouTube and lets you assign them to your students. It also lets you embed questions which is really great. Videos are definitely a way to get the kids to connect to the material. I don’t have the creativity or the time to create my own, but so far EdPuzzle hasn’t disappointed and I’ve been able to find and adjust videos for what I need.

Maria Salazar-Perez
Maria Salazar-Perez
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Hi Ryan! 

I have not used YouTube too often in science, but I think it's a great idea! I definitely use it sometimes to incorporate some videos into my lessons and I think you could do the same! In addition, you could also make a study playlist for your students to watch about any given topic. Moreover, I think you could also have your students make in a science-related video (either individually or as a group) and upload them to YouTube for everyone to watch. I know there are also plenty of science pages and accounts to be found on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 


Good luck! 

Andy Tran
Andy Tran
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There are excellent youtube science instruction channels:

Bozeman Science


Minute Earth



Sick Science!


These are just a few but ones I subscribe to; hopefully there are some useful channels listed here. 

Bev DeVore-Wedding
Bev Bev DeVore-Wedding
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Hi Ryan,

I am a student at the University of Northern Iowa currently taking my science methods course. I think your idea of integrating social media into your classroom is great! In some of my classes we have been encouraged to use social media in our classrooms. When I read your post about creating a youtube channel, I immediately thought about maybe allowing your students to create the youtube videos. You could give your students the options of when they want to create their videos and the topics they could cover. Not only would this allow your students to create a deeper understanding of topics (in order to create a video and teach others) but it would also integrate other subjects  (such as writing a script). This would also be a really great resource for your students! Hope this idea helps!



Morgan Picolotti
Morgan Picolotti
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