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I work for an after-school STEM program serving 9th & 10th graders, and am searching for free descriptions/lesson plans for hands-on chemistry activities.

Jordan Spooner
Jordan Spooner
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While some of the URLs will take you to sites that aren't all free, perhaps these will give you some ideas:

I also have attached resources from my learning center uploads.

Chemistry in the Community as a text is good as it might give you some ideas. Citizen Science and related activities such as learning chemistry, and their experimental hub might give you some ideas.

Finding water quality project(s) would also be a nice way to support a community project and learn chemistry: ions, solutions, pollutions, etc. In Colorado, they have Riverwatch ; you might be able to do something similar or their might be something like it in your state (not sure where you are from).

Hope this helps!

Bev DeVore-Wedding
Beverly DeVore-Wedding
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Hi there Beverly, Hi there, I really like science and doing hands on activities. I think you might like an activity about chromatography. You can have the students learn about how all the colors make up the color black. By using easy to find materials like a coffee filters, a marker, a transparent plastic cup, and water, the students can see how the colors separate. Then you can introduce them to concepts of chemistry. Since chromatography is what scientists use to solve mysteries and figure out evidence, you can somehow incorporate this and make a game out of it. Here is a link that found on Youtube.. You might be able to find some articles related to this chromatography on this website. I hope you enjoy this activity, it's super fun!!

Grisdel Macoto
Grisdel Macoto
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