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Lesson Planning to the NGSS for Elementary Teachers Prof. Development

This course provides an overview of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the Nature of Science (NOS), and the 21st century skills. You will learn how to incorporate the NGSS into some of your favorite labs and activities while using strategies that ignite curiosity and promote deeper learning and critical thinking skills.

Registrants who complete this course will receive 15 professional development hours through the University of Rochester AND tuition reimbursement. (The development and work behind this course is supported by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant). 

Course registration closes on Monday, August 12. Please go to the registration page for more details, or email me at if you have any questions. THANK YOU!



Brief course details:

Course Length and Schedule: 3 weeks, self-paced online

·      8/12 Module 1 – Overview of the NGSS, NOS, and 21st century skills

·      8/19 Module 2  – Learning theory and i5E instructional design

·      8/26 Module 3 – Design and evaluation for ThisNGSS alignment

·      9/20 Final Project and course assignments due



1.     3 Reflection assignments (1 per module) - Post and respond in the group forum to three questions on module content.

2.     3 Module inventories (1 per module) - Fill out and turn-in module inventory form.

3.     Final project - Use the Qi Learning lesson template to align an existing lab or activity to the NGSS.

*All assignments due by September 20 to receive a certificate of completion and course reimbursement.


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