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Teaching Reading and Writing

How do you teach reading and writing skills in a high school science classroom?

I am teaching freshman physical science (chemistry). 

Bryan Mahaffey
Bryan Mahaffey
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This is a really loaded question. You will likely need to teach literacy skills alongside science content. I would model a lot of reading and breaking down of questions through think-alouds. I used RAFT (role, audience, format, topic) strategies in my classes to incorporate literacy with the content. PBL units are also good ways to incorporate literacy.

Shannon Navy
Shannon Dubois
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In my classroom I like to give articles on current events that match the content we are learning. I try to do this once every two weeks. I always require a writing assignment when we do this. Some times I have the students write an arguement on whethere they think the results in the article are valid or what experiment they could do to further the research. This gives them a chance to think critically about the real world application of the science and a chance for me to help them with their skills. I work with 7th grade integrated science and they really like doing these types of assignments. 

Rachel Blackwood
Rachel Blackwood
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I am a student teacher, I agree with Shannon Dubois. One way my clinical supervisor teaches reading and writing in the science classroom is by having the student work on critical responses, she instructs the students they need to write in complete sentences and gives them guidelines on what they need to include in their response. There are many ways to incorporate reading and writing in a science classroom, even when they are doing a short reading of their notes and having students create annotations is a great way to improve reading and writing skills.

Nicole Anthony
Nicole Anthony
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