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Recently, I had just completed a unit on cellular energy for a 10th grade biology class. While the students did well and seemed to have fun with the material, I still want to look for ways to improve. I am only a student teacher, so any help would be tremendous for my own classroom? What labs do you do for photosynthesis? For cellular respiration? I conduced a chad leaf lab where students were able to see the leaves float to the top of a sodium bicarbonate solution, but the lab is a bit underwhelming. Thanks!

Brendon Schrock
Brendon Schrock
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I do a photosynthesis lab using Elodea plants. They are pretty cheap to purchase from a pet store. Students are able to count oxygen bubbles released by the plant.  They can determine their own variables (light intensity/color, amount of baking soda added to water, water temp, etc.) to make it more inquiry based.  Yeast is always great for respiration labs.


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