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Embedding Cross Cutting Concepts into Physical Science Assessments

How have you embedded cross cutting concepts into physical science assessment tasks for secondary level students?

Glennrey Villamor
Glennrey Villamor
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Glennrey - I'm curious about cross-cutting concepts. Are you referring to bigger picture within physical sciences or are you referring to cross-disciplinary concepts? Could you elaborate? 

Emily Faulconer
Emily Faulconer
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Glennrey there are ao many resources for this very thing at : https://ngss.nsta.org/Classroom-Resources.aspx

If you choose the grade level and science strand you need it will show you a chart with the components of 3D learning and which areas may be lacking before you actually view the lesson. 

I chose 5th grade energy and the resource, Cooking With the Sun.In this case, this is how the cross cutting concept is incorporated: 

Crosscutting Concepts
Energy can be transferred in various ways and between objects.
This resource is explicitly designed to build towards this crosscutting concept.

Comments about Including the Crosscutting Concept 
It would be helpful to include lessons on conductors and insulators of heat in this unit before constructing the solar cooker.

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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