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Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:11 PM

I'm a pre-service teacher who will be student teaching in a fourth grade classroom in the fall. STEM has always been something that has interested me and I think that it is something very important for kids. I would love to incorporate some STEM activities and/or units next semester in the classroom I'm student teaching in. Do you have an suggestions? I would love to hear about what worked and what didn't. Are there any books that can go along with STEM teaching? What are some of your favorites?

Kasey Mooney
Kasey Mooney
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Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:51 PM

I am in my first semester of student teaching in a first grade classroom and I have an idea of how I would like to begin implementing STEM into my classroom once I have my own. I love the idea of having STEM activities as morning work to get student's brain's thinking and exercising. I think stations would be an engaging and effective way to get students excited about STEM. Exploring stations in this way can be a natural or authentic way for students to explore and learn!

Angibeth Avila
Angibeth Avila
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Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:50 PM

We have several idea filled blogs on our website as well as resource lists that will be helpful to you as you plan your STEM curriculum. In addition, we have ideas on our Facebook page, Pinterest page and Instagram page. We update daily as we find good ideas for STEM classrooms.
We hope this helps. Best of luck on your new career!!

Wendy Goldfein
Wendy Goldfein
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