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Meteor Explodes Over Michigan

Just after 8 PM EST, many people in Michigan saw a bright flash in the sky that some first mistook for lightning. It was not a storm - it was a meteor that exploded several miles above SE Michigan. Some also heard - and felt - the explosion. The blast was recorded by a seismometer at the University of Michigan as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake. After the meteor's trajectory was analyzed,a likely location for fragments was determined to be in Livingston county. The first meteorites were found Thursday morning. From what I have been able to find by researching the Internet, the last time meteorites have fallen in Michigan was in 1965. I am including links to two stories about this here:

Cris DeWolf
Cris DeWolf
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I saw some videos of that event! So awesome!

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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Thank you for sharing!

Claudia Quiroz
Claudia Duca
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