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Using Science Notebooks for Assessment/Evaluation

Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:50 PM

I feel that science notebooks can be a great way to evaluate and assess students. Science notebooks give students a place to document their thinking and changes in their thinking during the learning process. As students document their thinking, teachers can check for understanding, which can then facilitate more discussion. Science notebooks provide a record of both student thinking and scientific investigations. Students’ notebooks can serve as assessments for learning, rather than assessments for grading. Teachers can continuously gather information on student teaching and learning with students’ notebooks in order to make data-informed decisions to plan or adjust instructional activities.

Julie Morales
Julie Morales
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Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:33 PM

Hi Julie,

I actually found an article in the Learning Center that speaks to your point! Check it out at the link below:


Let me know what you think!

Megan Doty
Megan Doty
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Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:10 PM

Hi Julie!

I am currently in a class at UNI and we have digital science notebooks, I love when students get to write in an actual science journal, but the digital notebooks I think could be fun for older students so that they can take pictures and practice their technology uses in the classroom. It also gives them an outlet and other options if they don't like handwriting or drawing out what they observed. It also allows them to take videos and go back to what exactly happened in the lesson. Just another creative option to think about! Thank you for your great thoughts on science notebooks!


Kia Widen
Kia Widen
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