3rd Grade Mixtures Lesson

Hello, I am currently student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom in Kingwood, Texas. I am designing a lesson over Mixtures for my students and was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to make sure I include in the lesson. Specifically, are there certain types of mixtures and non-mixtures I should allow them to explore with that help them grasp the concept better? What is a good way to engage them in the lesson or evaluate their learning of the topic? Also, is their a quick, effective way to teach the difference of mixtures and solutions just to avoid further misconceptions among the students? Any feedback is appreciated!

Megan Proulx
Megan Proulx
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Hello Megan-

I found this lesson on the Teach Engineering website that may be useful. It is called "Properties of Mixtures vs Solutions: Mix it Up!"

The NGSS@NSTA hub offers a searchable archive of resources as well, and offers this lesson "Now You See it, Now You Don't"

I hope your student teaching goes well.

Cris DeWolf
Cris DeWolf
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