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Teaching plants and their functions

Hi all! I am currently a student teacher and lesson planning over plants and their functions. Does anyone have any fun and engaging activites besides planting seeds and observing them? Student will be observing plants but would also love to have other activites that they can elaborate on. Thanks in advance! 

Emilee Bellow
Emilee Bellow
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Hi Emilee, 


Planting seeds and observing the plants grow is always a great activity to implement in the clasroom. You might consider developing a full class garden that contains lots of plants and maybe even grow some vegetables.

Another activity that will allow students to engage with plants is a leaf collecting project. I love leaf collecting because it gives students an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature- something that is so very important in science education. Once students have collected their leaves, an activity in the classroom could be to sort all the leaves into identifying categories. There are endless activities to do with leaf collections, so get creative and have fun!



Kasey Mannion
Kasey Mannion
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