In my school, we are using the learning platform Canvas as a conduit for how some instruction will be delivered. Teachers have their classes in the virtual as well as in the physical. I am team teaching with a biology teacher and we have made it our goal to really design a blended learning NGSS classroom. So this goes beyond just introducing students with simulations but delivering content in a myriad of methods. At first, my co-teacher and I were nervous to how students would receive this new method of teaching. Yet to our surprise we seem to have more engagement then they were before. We are seeing more students take ownership of their learning as well as raise their voice in how they are understanding the content.

Our experience has motivated us to share it with other teachers. This has been amazing to reach students on another level. We work with special education population as well as honor students and everyone in between. I know that technology in the classroom is a hot-button topic. I would love to hear more about your experience or at least have a great dialogue about successful ways you have tried to marry NGSS and blended learning. I am excited to hear what you share. 

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