When is the best time to start your masters degree as a secondary teacher?




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Abby DeBaillie
Abby DeBaillie
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Hi Bailey, 

The answer to your question is really subjective to your situation. There are a couple of things to consider.  What is your end goal in education?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years,  etc? If where you see yourself in the future requires a Master's Degree. then start on it as soon as you can afford it.  However, if you are unsure where you will be, it is okay to wait a bit.

If you are just graduating from college and you get a position, you may not want to start a Master's Degree immediately after graduation. The first year teaching has a large learning curve and you will be busier than you can imagine.  After that first year, coursework will be more doable while teaching.  There are many programs that are online, blended, or designed in such a way that one can teach and still take classes. 

If you don't get a position immediately after graduation, then it would be a perfect time to start a Master's while you continue to look for a position. If you have deferred student loans, it will allows you to continue to defer them while you continue your education.  Otherwise, you may have to start paying for them.  

You can also wait longer if you find you circumstances (either in your career or monatarily) make it difficult to work and take classes.  In my own case, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do five years after graduation so I didn't pursue a Master's immediately.  My husband was still in school and we didn't want to go into debt so I waited.  I ended up taking classes to renew my teaching certificate three times, but didn't settle on a Master's until I had taught for twenty years (which nowadays is probably too long to wait). However, because we waited so long my kids were old enough to help and we were able to pay for the degree without taking out any loans.  

Good luck on your decision!

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