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Students need to know the procedures in your classroom. It helps if the grade level team have the same basic rules. Students want and need to know when and where they will be able to go to the bathroom, what to do if they lose a pencil or one breaks, where to put completed work, what happens if a student is absent and how to make up missed work. I spend the first two days teaching and practicing classroom procedures. I do refresher practices when a few weeks pass to reinforce the expectations.

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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I have noticed students respond well when you aren't shouting, it's better to come up with a great saying to get students attention like "show me ten" and so on. Students also respond to brain breaks throughout the day to relax and take a break from the stress of the day and keep them focused.

Sydney Murillo
Sydney Murillo
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Sydney, you are correct when you says that students don't respond well when the teacher is shouting. One method that I have found to get my students' attention is to actually talk more quietly. Students then have to stop talking to hear me. Once they have stopped talking then I resume speaking in a normal speaking voice.

You are also right about having a time for a brain break. I really liked this list of brain breaks from the Teacher Starter Blog.

Ruth Lehmann Hutson
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I am about to become a new teacher as well. I am currently a student teacher, and I’m quickly picking up effective ways to manage a classroom. One of the most important ways to manage a classroom is by creating a positive relationship between the students and teacher. The students will listen to you and take you more seriously if you can become someone they trust and enjoy having as their teacher. Don’t raise your voice because this only puts fear in them. You should still show that you are serious, and being completely silent while making eye contact with the students will get the children to calm down pretty quickly. Try to understand the background of every one of your students. If a certain student(s) often shows misbehavior in class, be mindful that there may be personal issues going on at home. Students like them need more nurture. Here is a great link I found and often refer back to for other great classroom management tips: Hope it helps!

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