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Parts of a Plant

Hi! I am a student teacher and I am having my second observation next week. My lesson, for my 2nd graders, is over the parts of a plant. I will be focusing on a flower! Does anyone have any fun, art-integrated, activities that I can incorporate into my lesson?


Thank you! :)


Casey South
casey south
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Hi Casey. I love life science and second graders are so curious! You can check out teacher resources at

for lessons and resources. Here is a link for one such lesson :

I start some seeds in clear baggies with cotton balls or paper towels that are damp and tape them to a window so they can observe the process. At the same time we plant some in soil in recycled containers- we place some in the light and some in the dark (cabinets or closets.) I have them draw/trace and label their seeds in their journals and put the date that they are planted so they can see the growth over time. We make predictions on how many days until they sprout. We also read the seed packets to see how many days until germination and how many days until they bear fruit or veggies. (This is where we learn the correct vocabulary and learn what it means.) The seed packets also have maps of the US on them! I usually make copies so each student has one for their journal for future reference. 

Since we are close to Easter, I use clean egg shells/plastic eggs will work too, and we place them in egg cartons. They can draw faces on the egg shells. We put soil in them and spread Rye grass seeds on top.  AS the grass grows it looks like hair! It's really funny and then they can give their eggheads haircuts. 


Pamela Dupre
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