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Food Webs Lesson Plan- 4th grade

Hello everyone!

I am doing a lesson plan on food webs for 4th graders and was just wondering what ways I could engage them and what activities I could use to explore the topic. 

Thanks in advance!

Alexandra Gonzalez
Alexandra Gonzalez
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Hello Alexandra, 

I am currently in school to become a teacher and your post reminded me of something I recently saw at my fourth grade field experience. The students at my field experience were also learning about food webs and the way I observed the fourth graders exploring a food web seemed unique. The students were split into groups and each group was given all the parts to make a food web. They were then challenged to make what they thought a food web would be. After working together to create what they thought a food web was they were allowed to go around the room and look at other groups created food webs. Some groups decided they wanted to make some changes to their food webs and they were allowed to do so. Lastly, the students got to see an example of a food web that did not have the same organisms as their food web and once again the students were allowed to make changes. The day after working in groups to create food webs, the whole class looked at all the created food webs and worked on them together until they were accurate. The students were engaged and had a lot of fun! I hope you like this engaging lesson!



Megan Weisman
Megan Weisman
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To engage students, playing a game might get students attention.
Having students explore and figure out things by themselves is important, so having activities where they work in small groups and are able to discuss is good. Having an activity where they prentend to be the organisms and figure out who eats what, might be engaging and it allows them to use their prior knowledge to figure out how they get eaten. 

Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia
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