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I am teaching a first-grade class about seasons and the characteristics that differentiate them from one another. What is a good book that I can read to engage my students before I start the lesson?


Thank you in advance!


Kani Shiwani

Kanwal Shiwani
Kanwal Shiwani
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Hello, Kani Shiwani,


A great website to look into is:



It gives you a list of the top 10 book for children about all the seasons. Hope this helps!!!


Brooke Edwards
Brooke Edwards
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Hi! A great book is A Stroll Through the Seasons by Kay Barnham. This book has great illustrations to capture young student's attention and is very informative as well. This book answers questions student's may have while teaching them about the different charicteristics of each season. I have found it to be a great way to capture their attention while learning about the seasons. 


Julianna Otero
Julianna Otero
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Hi Kani<

I found these books on Epic:

Apple Trees by Julie Lundgren

I Know the Seasons by Jon Wielzen

Seasons by Tracy Nelson Maurer.

I hope these resources help you!

Lisa Ann Nishihara
Lisa Ann Nishihara
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