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Parental involvement in the classroom

What science activities can I do to involve parents in my classroom?

Jazmin Rutz
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You can hold a Family Science Night in which the students showcase what they've learned in science class to their parents.  Open the science lab like an open house, and talk to parents about what your students have learned so far this year, and what they'll be learning the rest of the year.  Talk about how they can do "family science" at home, growing flowers in pots or in the garden, cooking together (measuring skills used in cooking will be useful in chemistry class), and making paper airplanes or building bridges and towers out of newspapers, toothpicks, etc.  Try to keep the materials inexpensive so that cost isn't a barrier.  Show families that science is all around them.  Have a set of short science books on a wide variety of science topics in your classroom that can be checked out and read at home as a family.

Rachel Zimmerman Brachman
Rachel Zimmerman Brachman
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