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Toad-ally Cool Article Review and Personal Experience

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to share my thoughts on the article Toad-ally Cool Math and Science Integration by Katie Brkich, Melony Allen, Lacey Huffling and Catherine Matthews and some of my personal experiences. Two summers ago I worked at a science camp (Poricy Park Nature Center, in Middletown NJ) which was an awesome experience. I was given the opportunity to work with students ranging from first to fifth grade and create different science lesson plans for the students to do. Reading this article reminded me of working at camp when we would take the kids down to the pond and have them observe the frogs, insects and other pond inhabitants in their natural habitat. This was the students' favorite activity since they were allowed to explore and get their hands dirty. After reading this article I was given so many great ideas that I could have done with my students. In the article they talked about finding toads in different places, which we could have looked at, as well as measuring the toads to see which were bigger (the girls!!) I do think that if the students were able to bring the toads back into the classroom they would have been able study them a little better, which may have spiked their interest even more. I hope that I get the opportunity to try out the lesson Toad-ally Cool! Thanks for reading my post! Megan Grano

Megan Grano
Megan Grano
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Great review, Megan. I love life science. I used to be able to teach it throughout the year because we had a school garden and we always had seeds germinating for future plantings, composting, harvesting, and then the unexpected lessons like when we had some caterpillars invade our Passion Fruit Vines! Have you thought about creating something that you could keep in the classroom so that students can observe life cycles? Check out the Bottle Biology lesson from Ngss@NSTA.

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