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5E: Migration and Hibernation

Hi NSTA friends, I am planning a 5E lesson on how the environments affect animals behaviors such as migration and hibernation and would like to hear some opinions and ideas on how I can engage my students in the beggining of the lesson. They are second graders. 

Elvira Ramirez
Elvira Ramirez
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For migration, ask your students to think about birds (I am not sure where you live, but for example, here in Ohio we have Canadian Geese that come down every summer) and if they notice anything about certain birds in the area.  Students could work together to discuss their ideas and come up with a rational they want to share with the class.  You could also use sea animals or deer or any other animal in your area that migrates!  

As for hibernation, a fun task is having students work together to find a way for an animal (bear, etc) to survive the winter.  Ask what they would need to do in order to stay alive, if their animal couldn't go somewhere warmer!  What would they need to do?  Would they want to be skinny or fat?  Have a lot of hair or no hair?  Move around a whole bunch or wrap up somewhere warm?

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