From STEM to STEAM: Incorporating the arts in a roller coaster engineering project review

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about an article, "From STEM to STEAM Incorporating the arts in a roller coaster engineering project" by Kristin Cook, Sarah Bush and Richard Cox, that I just read. I thought that this article was interesting because I am looking to go into the STEM field for teaching, and felt that this new added subject was something that I had to read up on. I do think that adding art to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics program would be beneficial to students because I feel that it might spike more students' interest. This would help the students visualize what they are learning, as well as get a hands on experience. The article gave a really cool example of incorporating STEAM into a lesson by planning and designing a roller coaster in class. I like that in the article they gave the different phases that the teacher would go through with the students in the classroom. I felt that this article gave a good overview of all of the prospectives of STEAM for a teacher to use and get ideas from. I do feel that adding art would be a fun outlet that will help many teachers, especially if they are not too into science, make STEM more interesting to the students. Thanks for reading my post! Megan Grano

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