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Review of "Perspectives: Assessing for Science Learning" by Michele H. Lee and Sandra K. Abell

During the article, Michele and Sandra explain the difference between formative assessments and summative assessments. We can say that summative assessments are completed more in the final and its purpose is to evaluate or grade. However, with formative assessments the teacher gain information about what the students are learning and how.

Moreover, it is mentioned that according to Bergan, the schools that use formative assessments with kindergarten students achieved greater scores in the science tests. In my opinion that can be due to the fact that using the formative assessments enables the teacher with information of the studying of the students and like this, the teacher can be able to find the most accurate way to teach things to that class. 

Furthermore, they say that formative assessments and instructions need to go hand by hand. That is why teachers need to know very well asking correct questions and using open-ended questions during the instructions and formative assessments.

Finally, there are some strategies that teachers can use to implement an effective formative assessment. About all the strategies that are mentioned in the article, the most important one for me is this: "Carefully listen to and observe the ways students develop and display their understandings". I think that the best way that teachers have to know if there is something to be changed or if the students need something is by looking and observing them carefully. 

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Here is a link to the reviewed resource, for convenience: Perspectives: Assessing for Science Learning

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