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I read an article named “Perspective, Helping Students Understand the Nature of Science”. In this article, the author emphasized the importance of helping student understand the nature of science. She divided the article into four parts. The first part of them is what is meant by the “nature of science,” and why is this important for students to learn. Then the author explained following: what does the research say about students’ ideas about the nature of science, what does research say about teaching the nature of science, and how can she help her students learn about the nature of science. In the first part, she emphasized that students should understand the power and limitations of science, the use of scientific knowledge in decision making, and science as an important part of culture (NRC 1996). And she pointed that the nature of science is the one of the most important part in the science.  In the second part, she pointed that students’ ideas about the nature of science derives from school science experiences and images of science and scentists. They are easily lead to misconception in the science and she found that students have difficulty in distinguishing the evidence and laws. In the third part of the article, the author showed some data on research about teaching the nature of science. The author uses two examples to illustrates “that the nature of science must be a purposeful and explicit part of classroom lessons and discussions for students to develop their understanding”( Khishfe and Abd-El-Khalick 2002).  In the last part of the article, the author explored how she can help students learn the nature of science. She thought teachers must understand the content themselves, know what is important to teach, find out students’ incoming ideas, and implement instructional activities and assessments to help students learn. And she also refered that in order to make sense the nature of science, ideas about science should be planned for, taught, and assessed. Reference: Deborah, H. & Eun, L. (2009, March). Perspective, Helping Students Understand the Nature of Science. Science and Children, 64-65.  

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