We all know the direct relationship between STEAM and Science.  Through project-based learning and problem-based assignments, students are given the ability to apply science concepts to the real world, fostering an incredible relationship and purpose to their science education.  Our school has recently built a STEAM lab with numerous technology and engineering supplies to help foster the ideas behind STEAM.  In addition to the core science curriculum, students will be taking a STEAM elective twice a week.  I am currently working on how to differentiate curriculum between the Science Class and the STEAM elective.  My hope is to utilize the STEAM elective period as a time for students to properly learn an understanding and purpose in the scientific method and engineering process.  The idea is to use project and problem based projects that directly corrleate and cross with their core curricular content (sorry for the tongue twister!) to allow students to build their critical thinking skills while collaborating with their peers.  


Through this post I am hoping that as a community we can compile some of our top Driving Questions, PBL's and STEAM lessons/ideas that we have found to be successful with our students.    

Rachel Virginio
Rachel Virginio
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Hi Rachel!

My name is Nicole and I am a pre service teacher at Wartburg College. I think the idea of this STEAM lab you have implemented in your school is amazing! In my Science Methods course we have paired with our nearby middle school to work with students in creating a STEAM projects. Throughout our time there, we have allowed students the freedom to create whatever they chose through the use of technology and other related materials. One of the most interesting parts about this is allowing the students to work on and lead themselves through these projects. It is really amazing what they come up with and what they are capable of accomplishing.




Pre service teacher

Wartburg College

Nicole Lutes
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Hi Rachel, 

Similar to Nicole, I am also a pre service teacher. My name is Niki and I am attending Xavier University. Through many of my education classes, the topic of implementing technology in the classroom and in lesson plans is a very popular topic of conversation. One thing that many schools are beginning to implement on school campuses are Makerspaces. It is a place where higher and lower technology opportunites are placed and students are given the opportunity to explore their interests and create. I have learned that by allowing freedom, but not complete freedom, teachers are able to guide students to learn a specific task but in the manner they choose. By adding boundaries, students can still have the freedom to create, collaborate, and explore while still sticking to a specific task. 

Good luck with your program. 

Niki S. 

Niki Shekaran
Niki Shekaran
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