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I am currently a student at the University of Houston. I am creating a lesson plan over the parts of a plant. My target grade is 2nd. With teaching about plants comes along a load of vocabulary. Recently I have taken a biology course and feel the need to over explain teaching plants. What are the key items 2nd graders should know? In other words, what vocabulary should be used and taught in a lesson for parts/function of plants? 

Stefani Walker
Stefani Walker
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Hi Stefani! You are so right not to overwhelm younger students with lots of vocabulary! Have you looked at your state's standards for any guidance on what concepts are suggested for second grade? Use your biology background to introduce the essential vocabulary and create a word wall and/or a list in the science notebooks to reinforce it. In my middle school experiences, one of the misconceptions that I had to deal with every year was the idea that plants absorb food through their roots. (The commercials advertising fertilizer as "plant food" didn't help!). --Mary B

Mary Bigelow
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Hello Stefani,

I'm sure this is too late to help, but you may want to check out the Ask a Mentor blog I wrote on plant life-cycles in Kindergarten, which includes how to address flower parts:

Hope this helps!



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In creating this lesson over parts of a plant, important vocabulary is listed below:

Root, Stem, Branches, Flowers, Buds, and Seeds. 


Attached is a link to a video on YouTube of the parts of a plant also explaining the vocabulary using visuals.

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