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Candy Cars Lesson

This is a lesson I did as a pre-service teacher and it worked really well with the group of students I did it with. They all loved the hands on experience of building their own cars. 

Ellen Prevish
Ellen Prevish
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This is such an awesome activity. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Nguyen
Kathy Nguyen
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Thanks for sharing this Lesson! This is a lesson that the students would love.

Malorie Fenwick
Malorie Fenwick
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Thank you for sharing! I love you lesson idea. The kids will for love it. :)

Summer Franco
Summer Cortez
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I was apart of this group that taught this lesson. The student did seem love the lesson and also understand what we were teaching them. The only problem that the students had was with the graphing. They did not seem to understand how to do the graphing or how decimals work on a graph. If we had to re-teach this lesson, we would have to re-work the graphing aspect of it so that the students could better understand it.

Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly
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I missed this lesson the day it was taught! Thank you for posting so I have the opportunity to try it on my own! Students will love this :)

Katrice Trego
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